For my work on convergent media I asked 20 questions to 15 friends by posting a survey on MySpace and Facebook, as well as printing questionnaires. For the 15 who replied I found the following:

1. All 15 use social networking sites.

2. Ranging from 2-56, the average hours per week spent on them is 21.4.

3. For the question about if you own a blog, these results may be biased as I asked many people on my course, who all have to have compulsory blogs. However my results show 8 have blogs and 7 don’t.

4. 10 people have iPhones or phones with easy access to the internet, whereas 5 don’t.

5. Ranging from 10-70, the average time spent on the internet per week came to 28.6.

6. 9 played internet or console games, whereas 6 didn’t.

7. 13 downloaded music or streamed, while the other 2 bought CD’s.

8. Out of the 13 people who downloaded, 2 pay for it.

9. Ranging from 1-20 hours a week, the average time spent calling/texting came to 6.3h.

10. 5 have a part time job, whereas 10 don’t.

11. 12 live in halls, 3 don’t.

12. 13 are sharing a house with people they met this year, 2 aren’t.

13. All 15 students have a computer/laptop in their room.

14. 6 people prefer a Mac to a PC.

15. Ranging from £5 to £50, the average spent on a night out is £20.

16. 9 students own a car, 6 don’t.

17. Out of the 9 that own a car, only 3 of them bring it to Uni.

18. 2 students vote in elections whereas 13 don’t.

19. 14 people enjoy their course, 1 doesn’t.

20. All 15 students enjoy university life.


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