Interview Planning

  • What do we want to say about our character?

We want to explain that what he does, arctic exploration, and what motivates him to do it. We want to convey the emotions he feels towards such adventures and the mental strength required to achieve such a goal.

  • What is the editorial hook or angle?

The World Record attempt. We intend to focus solely on his attempt and what motivates a thrill seeker such as Mark Wood to make such an undertaking.

  • Decide on a visual treatment of the story.

We intend to intersperse footage from the Arctic with the footage of the interview on the roof of the Civic Centre Four building in Coventry’s city centre. We believe this outstanding, outside-of-the-box setting will not only reinforce his roots with Coventry, but also associate him with his adrenaline-filled, thrill-seeking career as an explorer.

  • How are you organising each other as a research team?

We have been meeting up on several occasions discussing how/where we will film the footage and have all agreed on the decisions we have made so far. We have all done our individual research and blended them together in our meetings to create an interesting collection of possible ideas to use.

  • Where will you find your secondary sources of research?

We have each been on Mark’s snowball expeditions website and viewed much of his work and previous expeditions. He also has his own blog, in which he updates regularly while he is on his expeditions or travelling around the world. We have been allowed access to previous footage which has been filmed of Mark, taken by Coventry filmmaker Steve Reynolds; some of this footage we have found to be extremely intriguing, which we may use, particularly during the closing credits of the documentary.

  • How will you gather and order your research information?

We intend to collate it all onto this blog. Each of us will add information and research to the blog meaning we have a central place for all our research.

  • What is the heart of the story that can be told in three minutes?

The heart of our story is explaining Mark’s inspiration to take something such as this on and to document his preparation. The passion he holds for the trip is a story in itself.

  • Why would this appeal to your intended audience?

We think that something this impressive is appealing to many people – a story of inspiration and achievement. People from Coventry will also have added interest for obvious reasons. Mark Wood is from Coventry and therefore is of interest to people form the West Midlands.


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