Task One: Visualising Statistics Of My Life

Here is the direct link to my Flickr Photostream Slideshow: Visualising Statistics Of My Life.

I admit I have never used Photoshop until now, therefore you can probably tell I am only just getting to grips with it. I have now downloaded Photoshop onto my personal computer, so I will no doubt become acclimatised with it pretty quickly!

Bellow are some screenshots that I took during the editing process.

Using Wordle To Create Text Visualisations

Removing The Black Background Of The Wordle Image

Blending The Two Images

Using The Paint Brush Tool

I imported a close-up photograph of an eye from Google Images and cropped it so it fit exactly into the lens of the camera I was holding in the picture. I then used the paint brush to create (amateur) eyelids.

Eye See You

I enjoyed using photoshop and now I am slowly getting used to it I am currently editing and manipulating more and more photos, not just ones from the internet, but some of my own as well. Some of them have come out looking hilarious.


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