Photoshop Cropping Test: Surfing Dog

(The above facts are in no way accurate whatsoever).


One thought on “Photoshop Cropping Test: Surfing Dog

  1. All answers for a typical week.
    Could you answer the following messages then email the response to
    If you would like me to answer your questions email me them.

    How many hours of TV do you watch?

    How many hours do you watch live?

    How much hours do you watch on iPlayer/4OD etc?

    What time of day do you watch T.V?

    What genre do you watch the most?

    How many hours are spent on the internet?

    How many hours on a PC or Mac?

    How many Hours on a phone/games console/iPod etc?

    Hours on social networks/MSN etc?

    Hours on internet/computer/console games?

    Hours internet shopping food/clothes/DVD’s etc?

    Hours randomly browsing internet YouTube/Google etc?

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