Blu-Tack Challenge

Bostik is inviting amateur filmmakers, schools and colleges to create an advert extolling the virtues of Blu-Tack for a campaign to mark the brand’s 40th birthday next year. The company is looking for entrants to devise, script and produce a Blu-Tack film up to 30 seconds long and promises prizes for the winner and runners-up. It plans to feature the winning work as part of its anniversary marketing.

Blu-Tack said it has been inspired to hand over the reigns to consumers because of the plethora of user-generated films featuring the adhesive which have been uploaded to websites like YouTube. An example of stop motion is shown bellow:

Although this is done with plasticise and not blue-tack, this shows the level of detail that goes into creating the illusion of fluent movement, which is what I hope to produce when shooting my mini-movie.

Spokeswoman Michelle Hayman said:  “You only have to type Blu-Tack into a search engine to find loads of little Blu-Tack-inspired movies all over the web.

“We have used Blu-Tack to make giant spiders and flower baskets before, so we thought the time was  right to give amateur movie makers the ultimate challenge.

“We aren’t looking for unbridled praise or anything like that, just for people to make a little movie featuring Blu-Tack. Our own website is pretty irreverent so we are keen to see movies with a sense of humour, ether using Blu-Tack or about it, whether animated with Blu-Tack models or live action. It’s the creativity that counts.”

Entrants have until the end of May next year to send their entries and the winners will be chosen by admen and an animation expert from Aardman Animations. The winner will receive £2,000 worth of computer equipment or software of their choice.

I have recently installed iStopMotion on my computer and purchased 5 packets of Blu-Tack and thought I’d give this a go. Obviously I’m not expecting to win, I just thought it would be fun to give myself this task.

Stop motion interests me as I have stated earlier in my blog, and I am inspired by media items such as Wallace and Gromit. I will be using a Cannon 450d and 3 artificial lights set up in my room to produce my stop motion film. Looking forward to posting the final piece on here soon!


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