‘Justin Time’

For our Media Production assignment, we were given a task to produce a media item lasting no longer than 4 minutes, based on a journey from A to B, within the inner ring road boundaries of Coventry, ending in the the media building, The Ellen Terry.

In our small group, we chose to elaborate on the aspect of time, therefore we personified Time as a character, hence the student Justin Time was created. The film opens with Justin waking up late for his lecture and running to class only to be disappointed by having to wait outside. However, this is where the plot twists. He somehow manages to travel back in time through the use of his extraordinary ipod. He is unaware that he was able to do this therefore it is just as much of a shock to him as to the audience. He travels to various points in space and time until finally ending up back where he started 10 minutes in the past, therefore making it to class “Just in time!” (No pun intended).

I enjoyed producing this piece, it was extremely funny at times. When I get chance I may post the outtakes on here. Two handy-cams were used to film the footage and iMovie was used to edit. Here is the finished short film.


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