Letter To Self: Part One

Dear older me,

Well well well… You’ve done well to survive this far, Adam, glad to see you haven’t given up! Told you it was easier to settle in than you expected. Hopefully you’ve not just messed about and actually got your head down, got that camera out and produced some high quality work.

When we next speak I intend for you to have met a whole load of interesting people and developed a wider yet detailed understanding of the media. You better have got yourself some more influential work experience in a variety of media related areas too, such as radio and television broadcasting, or else I shall not be impressed!

This blog will no doubt be full of wild and wonderful things that have interested and inspired you throughout the year, as I expect you to keep ahead of the game and keep up to date with what is going on around you.

Furthermore, I hope you look back at this post and think, “What the hell was I thinking!? My grammar is awful, my paragraphing is shocking and well.. I was a bit of a mess back then!” I want you to look back at the boy you were and compare to the man you are; look at how you much have improved in the space of one year.

Between me and you, I think you will be fine, as long as you try your absolute best and be involved. Don’t just think “the first year is one big doss” as you have been told.. but take in the important things; it will help you in the long run. If you keep at it, and not give up, you will eventually reach your goal. There will no doubt have been those times when you get knocked down and don’t quite make it, but keep on fighting, get back up again. It’s a part of life that not every time you succeed. You will be noticed and when you do, it’s up to you and only you to make something of it.

All the best,

You know who 🙂


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