My Very First Post!

Well.. what can I say, I’ve never made a blog before, so lets see how over the next three years I can develop this into something worthy..

Firstly, my name is Adam, I’m 18 and I come from the ridiculously wet Bolton up north, but now live in Coventry as a first year FRESHER!

I’m currently studying Media Production and it is a 3 year full time course hopefully resulting in a BA Hons degree! During my time here I intend to become part of the ice hockey team down at the Skydome, as it is a sport I am extremely interested in. I enjoy making miniture movies and meeting many varieties of weird and wonderful people.

I have recently filmed a short unedited movie of ‘King Kong in Coventry’ with some of the lads on my media course. We didn’t particularly have a high budget for this therefore the outcome was extremely amateur, but hey, it was fun! We ended up using jelly babies to represent people and cardboard cutouts of a gorilla to maintain a sense of realistic perspective.

So.. lets see how this space changes over the progression of my course 🙂


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